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Deutsches Essen / German Fare

Kleine Platten / Small Plates

All Platten are served with grilled sourdough bread, sauerkraut,
cornichons and mustard



Cheese Plate - Bavaria blue triple creme, Raclette, Emmentaler,
Butterkäse (no sauerkraut on this one) 11



Two cured German beef and pork sausages from Bavarian meats.
Spicy and / or regular 6



Germany's answer to paté 6.5



Traditional Wieners (thin pork and beef sausages with an outer casing
that 'snaps'). Served warm 7

Imbiss / Snacks


Our now famous pretzel served warm with 2 different mustards
Try it with cream cheese and syrup, a staff favorite!! 6


Pommes mit Curry Ketchup

Fries with Henning's recipe curry ketchup


Suppe und Salat /

Soup and Salad 4


Bier u. Käse Suppe

Spaten Optimator and sharp cheddar cheese soup. Need we say
more? Served in a mug with sourdough toast 4



German style potato salad - warm or cold 3.5


Grüner Salat

Mixed greens salad with basil red wine vinaigrette and dried
cranberries, topped with blue cheese
Sml 4 / Lge 8
Add grilled chicken 2.5


Caesar Salad

Romaine hearts tossed in a classic Caesar dressing, topped with
croutons, Parmesan cheese and an anchovy fillet (upon request) 8
Add grilled chicken 2.5


BLT Wedge Salad

Crisp Iceburg lettuce wedge topped with bacon, fresh tomatoes,croutons and blue cheese crumbles. Served with
blue cheese dressing 8

Deutsches Essen / German Fare


Hauptgerichte / Mains

Berliner Pub Schweinshaxe

Not your traditional German Schweinshaxe! Mini pork shanks with
rum, blackberry and horseradish glaze.
Served with red cabbage (Rotkohl) and your choice of house-made
potato chips, fries or warm German potato salad.
Comes with a small grüner salat 16


Wiener Schnitzel

Traditional Austrian recipe pork Schnitzel served with warm German
potato salad and red cabbage (Rotkohl) 12


Jäger Schnitzel

Traditional Austrian recipe pork Schnitzel smothered with mushroom
sauce, served with spätzle and red cabbage (Rotkohl) 14


Schnitzel auf Brot

Wiener Schnitzel sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato and lemon
aioli between grilled sourdough bread. Served with house-made
potato chips or french fries 10.5


Chicken Curry and Rice

Grilled chicken breast simmered in Berliner Pub's curry sauce.
Savoury and spicy 11.5

(Available Friday and Saturday dinner only)


Würste / Sausages

Sausages are served with a grilled bun,
house-made potato chips and sauerkraut.

Add cream cheese to any sausage order for 50c.

(Sausages can be served with fries or potato salad instead)


Berliner Bratwurst

Our own recipe, all-natural foot-long beer bratwurst
(gluten free) 9



Finely ground pork and veal sausage with parsley from
Bavarian Meats 8



Mainly pork with a little beef and cheddar cheese sausage
from Bavarian Meats 8


Scharfer Käse

Spicy cheese - not too spicy, just a small kick, also from
Bavarian Meats 8

Würste / Sausages

Hähnchen Andouille

Chicken Andouille - Spicy! From Bavarian Meats 8



Bockwurst smothered in Henning's recipe curry sauce 9


Vegetarische Platte

Vegetarian sausage served with spätzle and red cabbage 9



Any 2 sausages served with sauerkraut and potato salad.

(limit one Berliner Bratwurst per order) 14


Die Berliner Platte

5 Sausages - Berliner Bratwurst, spicy cheese, cheese,
Bockwurst and chicken Andouille


Served on a platter with grilled sourdough bread, sauerkraut,
cornichons and mustard 19.5

Pub Fare

Snacks / Imbiss

Housemade Chips

House-made potato chips with our sweet and savoury seasoning 4


Corn Dogs

German Wieners hand dipped in our own batter, deep fried to a
golden goodness.
Served with mustard and house made potato chips 7


Deep Fried Pickles

Pickle chips coated in our own batter and fried. Served with ranch 6


Berliner Wings

Half a kilo of wings lightly breaded and deep fried, tossed in
Berliner Pub's buffalo style sauce.

Served with ranch or blue cheese dressing 10.5


Pub Fare


Burger und Sandwich

Berliner Kobe Burger

All-natural 100% fresh ground Kobe blend. Topped with melted sharp
cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and Berliner's secret sauce.
Cooked to order 10


Schweize Käse u. Champignons Burger

Our Berliner Kobe burger topped with melted Swiss cheese,
mayonnaise, lettuce and sauteed mushrooms & onions 11


Speck und Blauschimmelkäse Burger

A blue cheese lover's delight! Our Berliner Kobe burger smothered
with our house-made blue cheese sauce topped with thick-cut bacon,
lettuce, tomato, onions and a generous amount of blue cheese
crumbles 12.5


Scharfes Gegrilltes Hähnchen

Seasoned grilled chicken breast sandwich with thick-cut bacon, spring
greens, tomato and onions. With lemon aioli and sweet & spicy
mustard, served on a grilled bun 10.5


All burgers and sandwiches are served with our seasoned,
house-made potato chips


(french fries can be substituted for house-made chips)

Nachspeise / Dessert

Ice Cream




Cream puffs drizzled with chocolate sauce

(Caution: completely addicting!) 5.5


Our warm Pretzel served with cream cheese and syrup


Dessert Pretzel

(A staff favorite) 6


Kostritzer Schwartzbier with a vanilla ice cream float


Beer Float

(Must be 21+ to indulge) 6


Root Beer Float

The non-alcoholic version 3.5


Chocolate Cake

Ask your server for this week's selection 7


Hours of Operation


3pm - 1.30am

Friday - Sunday